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We are Golden Seed.


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The rules have changed.  Medical cannabis is legal in 33 states. Recreational cannabis is legal in 11 states and the District of Columbia.  Anyone in the general public, not just the rich and well-connected, can now legally invest in early-stage companies like Golden Seed, Inc. because of a law called the JOBS Act, passed in 2012, which changed the rules for investing that had favored the wealthy for more than 80 years.

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We are Golden Seed.

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Cultivating the spirit of California.

Santa Cruz-based Golden Seed, Inc. focuses on the cultivation, manufacturing and distribution of high-quality cannabis grown in California. Deeply rooted in California lifestyle culture, Golden Seed aims to deliver quality products to a discerning clientele and to establish leadership in one of the world’s fastest-growing cannabis markets. Our team includes a rock-star cannabis cultivator, a renowned soil scientist, a well-known local political figure, and members of one of the leading real estate development groups in California. They have a proven record of business acumen and financial success, as well as the connectivity, flexibility, and nimbleness needed to take advantage of the new and quickly evolving cannabis marketplace in California.


Life is Better on the Farm


Our cannabis cultivation takes place on over 20 acres of nursery land tucked into the hills of Monterey Bay in Santa Cruz County.

Golden Seed Inc.’s farm is a model for the cannabis industry; using organic growing principles as its foundation, without compromise. Our harvesting and soil-building land stewardship results in what we believe are the highest quality cannabis products sold in the world.

We source and nurture strains with the very best terpene and flavonoid content for flavor and potency, as chosen and helped along by our lead cultivator. We use only the freshest form of cannabis oil extractions, a CO2 super critical process on-site steps away from the living plants to ensure crisp, untouched and most importantly unprocessed cannabinoids.


Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 2.30.02 PM.png

Shaped in nature not a warehouse.

monterey bay, CALIFORNIA


36.8007° N, 121.9473° W

Santa Cruz-based Golden Seed, Inc. focuses on the cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, and sale of high-quality cannabis and hemp grown in California. Golden Seed focuses its efforts to minimize its environmental impact, while maximizing your ability to enjoy nature.

100% Naturally Grown.


with love from Santa Cruz

Golden Seed, Inc. grows clean California cannabis in the form of proprietary seed strains, smokeable blends, and oil and terpene extractions.


100% naturally grown flowers, clones, and extracts.

Born and raised under the California sun using sustainable farming practices.


Meet JR - Our COO & cannabis cultivator.


You will find no one more passionate about organics than JR.

A second-generation grower from Northern California, JR Richardson is well-known throughout the cannabis community. He grew up immersed in a culture of complete organic self-sufficiency, where people lived off-the-grid, and grew their own food and cannabis in harmony with the environment.


We create meaningful and soulful blends to maximize flavor, potency, and treatment profiles—master crafted THC, CBD, and terpenes you just cannot get any other way.

Our small-batch signature products are niche blends that complement our staple strains. Golden Seed also feels so good because it is rich in entourage effects. The crystals dusting in most cannabis buds contain compounds known as terpenoids and cannabinoids. They have synergistic effects—working together in ways we believe THC or CBD alone cannot.

Because Golden Seed is grown in sunlight and rich soil, with nothing getting in the way of optimal effectiveness, it produces an entourage effect like no other.


Our first product to market.

1st place in the preroll category at The high times cannabis cup - THE WORLD’S LEADING MARIJUANA TRADE SHOW.

Our first product line to market was a success. Budtenders raved about it, users loved it, and it won the Best Pre-Roll Award from High Times at the Nor-Cal Cannabis Cup in May, 2019.

We are currently carried by three large distributors with product placement throughout the state. In addition to pre-rolls and bulk flower, we have expanded our product offerings to include 1/8th jars and vape cartridges.


Our Soil


It all starts with the soil.


Our soil is alive—it ain’t just dirt. It gives us the ability to nourish our plants from seed to bloom, monitor their shifting needs, and nurture a happy crop.

Living Soil fosters the microbial community, organic nutrients, and local biomass that we return to the soil to create nourishing support for plant life, so that the seedlings are in turn optimally beneficial for the life they support. We use the latest concepts in soil regeneration, such as biochar made from local organic agricultural waste. We cultivate soil life biology by using National Organic Program thermal aerobic compost and worm castings (vermicompost) as the vessel that regulates the biology. Biochar gives the microbes a home to reside in that we use to generate a socially and ecologically responsible plant food with a diverse microbial population high in protozoa and beneficial fungi. This is how we nurture the fittest cannabis plants and biologically dense flowers with the highest flavor content.

Hear the soil story from Clayton scicluna, Golden seed’s Director of Regenerative AgriculTure

100% Natural.

The Golden Seed farm is 100% natural. We start with foraging for local flora, micro-fauna, fungi, and other biology to feed the worms on our farm. Through the digestion and processing of this biology, the worms create vermicompost, which is the essential soil amendment for our plants.

No conventional fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides are ever allowed on or near our farm.

When plants are harvested and products are sold, we send the balance of the plant back to compost and restart the cycle.


An Emerging Market


01. Research & Development

Unlike most growers, we are not content to buy clones from a nursery and plant whatever is available. We are constantly conducting pheno hunts and cross-breeding and back-breeding dozens of genetic strains to grow plants that are disease resistant, fast-growing, yield the most, and that look, smell, and taste better.

02. The Legal Marketplace

The legal cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States. The total cannabis marketplace in the United States was $4.7 billion in 2016 and is expected to grow to more than $13.3 billion by 2020. One study noted that California alone could comprise 25% of the expected $25 billion of national cannabis sales by 2025.

03. Acceptance of Cannabis

93% of Americans support medical marijuana. Recreational cannabis has been legalized in 10 states and the District of Columbia, consisting of nearly 25% of the U.S. population. Medical cannabis is legal in 22 states, which means that a combined 216,000,000 Americans (66.15%) now live in jurisdictions where cannabis is legal in some form.