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Our cannabis cultivation takes place on over 20 acres of nursery land tucked into the hills of Monterey Bay in Santa Cruz County.

Goldenseed’s farm is a model for the cannabis industry; using organic growing principles as its foundation, without compromise. We source and nurture strains with the very best terpene and flavonoid content for flavor and potency, as chosen and guided by our lead cultivator. We use only the freshest form of cannabis oil extractions. It’s a CO2 supercritical process that takes place on-site—only steps away from the living plants—to ensure crisp, untouched, and most importantly: unprocessed cannabinoids.


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Our land – history handed down.


The indigenous people of California loved it first. We honor the Ohlone people who lived here by caring for the land in ways that respect their practices.

This area afforded its Ohlone residents a rich supply of natural resources – everything they needed to support a thriving community. They worked with the seasons to actively manage all the organic material they used, co-existing with the land naturally for a better yield of seeds, and never consuming more than what nature could replenish on her own. Where they worked with the forces of nature, we do too. 

We apply Earth’s byproduct in the form of biochar, a type of charcoal made from local agricultural waste and used as a soil amendment. We use biochar to generate a socially and ecologically responsible plant food with a diverse microbial population high in protozoa and beneficial fungi.


Our Soil


It all starts with the soil.


Our soil is alive—it ain’t just dirt. It gives us the ability to nourish our plants from seed to bloom, monitor their shifting needs, and nurture a happy crop.

Living Soil fosters the microbial community, organic nutrients, and local biomass that we return to the soil to create nourishing support for plant life, so that the seedlings are in turn optimally beneficial for the life they support. We use the latest concepts in soil regeneration, such as biochar made from local organic agricultural waste. We cultivate soil life biology by using National Organic Program thermal aerobic compost and worm castings (vermicompost) as the vessel that regulates the biology. Biochar gives the microbes a home to reside in that we use to generate a socially and ecologically responsible plant food with a diverse microbial population high in protozoa and beneficial fungi. This is how we nurture the fittest cannabis plants and biologically dense flowers with the highest flavor content.

Hear the soil story from Clayton scicluna, Goldenseed’s Director of Regenerative AgriculTure

100% Natural.

The GoldenSeed farm is 100% natural. We start with foraging for local flora, micro-fauna, fungi, and other biology to feed the worms on our farm. Through the digestion and processing of this biology, the worms create vermicompost, which is the essential soil amendment for our plants.

No conventional fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides are ever allowed on or near our farm.

When plants are harvested and products are sold, we send the balance of the plant back to compost and restart the cycle.