Smoking Hemp


Hemp. The Swiss Army knife of greens. It’s easy to grow, it can be used to make fabric, paper, disposable cups, plates, straws—and most recently: construction materials! Is there anything you can’t make with this plant?

Probably not, and guess what: you can smoke it too! In the United States, this has really kicked off in Vermont. Smoke shops are selling out of this lovely little plant faster than they can stock it!


Hemp is rich in alpha acids that turn into CBD (10%+), and very low in the compounds that turn into THC (0.3%) when decarboxylated (the process of heating cannabis to activate the compounds within the plant). 

Side note: the common term is “decarbing,” and it’s much easier to say!

THC is the ingredient in cannabis plants that has a psychoactive effect on the brain., not CBD .  We’re not saying smoking cannabis is bad (we’re not saying it’s good either—you do you), but like anything, you need to have an awareness of what’s going into your body.


For example, smokers can add hemp to their joint to even out the THC:CBD ratio (which is called a “cocktail”), or smoke hemp on its own. You can get the flavor and experience of rolling a joint, and the CBD percentage you’re looking for with hemp, without the psychoactive effects of THC.

Goldenseed Team