Can Hemp Cigarettes Help You Kick Nicotine Cigarettes?


There are some people you would call: “Social Smokers.”

They’ll have a few drinks, run off to buy a pack of smokes, have a lovely evening, and that’s the end of it. But for those who smoke every day, it can be more of a problem. The smell of stale cigarettes is foul. Smokers may find it hard to date non-smokers who tend to avoid kissing ashtray-mouths. Then there’s the dreaded smokers cough. Hot, right?

Social smokers don’t really think they have a tough time with addiction. They give themselves rules to follow, like: no smoking during the week at all, then on the weekends they smoke with a drink. For others, quitting or cutting back isn’t so easy because nicotine activates their dopamine receptors, giving them a feeling of wellbeing that’s incredibly addictive. All of the drawbacks of smoking (namely poor health!) make it a terrible life choice, and one that many regret making. It’s okay to need help sometimes, and big pharma has made big bucks from this struggle: nicotine replacement patches, gum, inhalers, pills—you name it—but there’s a natural means that may be an alternative to these aids… the hemp flower pre-roll.

Hemp is rich in alpha acids that turn into CBD starting at a mere 10%. Dr Javid Abdelmoneim, alongside Kings College Hospital in London, found that this compound can attach to the same receptors as one of our natural neurotransmitters, anandamide. Anandamide acts in a similar way to the commonly known serotonin, and makes us feel content and relaxed. The downside is that anandamide is produced naturally by our bodies in tiny doses, so we don’t always feel the effects when we need it—which is where CBD may come in. This same study also concluded that CBD can fight signs of schizophrenia, paranoia and anxiety—possibly making it a positive addition to your brain chemistry.

Aside from the chemical addiction to smoking, there is the habit. Often, you can spot someone who is trying to quit a mile off: pen twiddling, excessive gum chewing, tapping and fidgeting. The struggle is real. With hemp flower pre-rolls, the act itself is exactly the same: hold, light, inhale, exhale, flick. You get to hear the crackle of dry leaves as they burn, you get to feel the paper between your lips, you feel real smoke go into your lungs, and you also get to know that it’s not accompanied by the chemicals that are found in tobacco cigarettes. Of course, there have only been limited studies on smoking hemp flowers, so anyone who thinks of this as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes should talk to their doctor first and follow their medical advice.

So, not only does hemp smell much better, it apparently activates your serotonin-like receptors and fills the habitual void—one study concluded that it also works! Tobacco smokers in a recent study were given hemp flower cigarettes and wound up smoking about 40% fewer tobacco cigarettes during the week of the study, compared to a placebo group.

So really, we’re not sure what you’re waiting for. If you want to quit smoking, talk to your doctor about trying hemp flower pre-rolls.

Goldenseed Team