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100% naturally grown flowers, clones, and extracts.

Born and raised under the California sun using sustainable farming practices.


Shaped in nature, not a warehouse.

monterey bay, CALIFORNIA


36.8007° N, 121.9473° W

Santa Cruz-based Goldenseed focuses on the cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, and sale of high-quality cannabis and hemp grown in California. Goldenseed focuses its efforts to minimize its environmental impact, while maximizing your ability to enjoy nature.

100% Naturally Grown.


with love from Santa Cruz

We produce clean California cannabis in the form of proprietary seed strains, smokeable blends, and oil and terpene extractions.


Responsibly produced with care. 


01. our FARM

Our cannabis cultivation takes place on more than 20 acres of nursery land tucked into the hills of Monterey Bay in Santa Cruz County.

We believe in fostering relationships with local farmers who share our values and practice sustainable agriculture.

02. research & development

We are constantly conducting pheno hunts, cross-breeding and back-breeding dozens of genetic strains and that results in plants that are the most consistent and disease resistant. They grow the fastest, yield the most, look better, smell better, and taste better.

We extract the purest and most powerful terpenes from the plant and we reduct them to their most concentrated liquid form to enhance our products.

03. the soil

Our cannabis grows in soil that is rich in local flora, micro-fauna, and other biology to feed the worms on our farm. Through the digestion and processing of this biology, the worms create vermicompost that offers essential nutrients for our plants.

No conventional fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides are ever allowed on (or near) our farm.

When we harvest our plants and sell our products, the balance of the plant is sent back to compost, and the cycle is restarted.


Meet JR - Our COO & cannabis cultivator.


You will find no one more passionate about organics than JR.

A second-generation grower from Northern California, JR Richardson is well-known throughout the cannabis community. He grew up immersed in a culture of complete organic self-sufficiency, where people lived off-the-grid, and grew their own food and cannabis in harmony with the environment.


Events and Education


As we move forward with our standout genetics and processes, forging ahead with new products, we continue to push the conversation forward and educate others. We believe in this ancient plant and we’re passionate about sharing the knowledge handed down by our legacy farmer.

Down to the Core


Goldenseed focuses on a personal connection with our products, expectations, taste level, and buying power. We deliver authentic shared experiences through unique content, and hosting special events for our Goldenseed family. Stay tuned to our social media channels for your next chance to say “hello!”